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Acid Dyes

We are a recognized acid dyes manufacturer, exporter from India. The offered dyes are primarily used in the textile industry to impart various colors on the fabrics. Owing to their water soluble attribute, they are widely appreciated and demanded. Some other applications of acid dyes are in industries like paper & leather. Apart from it, these are used to dye silk, wool, fiber, leather, paper, protein fibers, nylon, silk and poly amides. In these acid dyes, there is no kind of harmful chemicals present and the impurity level is very less. Their composing is precise, which complies to the industry standards cited in national and international markets.


  • Non-caustic and non-toxic, providing outstanding results.
  • Excellent wash fastness and color qualities
  • Good water solubility and compatible with amphoteric fibers
  • Different fastness & level dyeing features are possible
Acid Milling Dyes
Acid Milling Dyes
Acid Milling Dyes 46
Acid Mordant Dyes
Acid Mordant Dyes
Acid Mordant Dyes 46
Products Features:
  • Quality ingredients used
  • Quality and effective dyeing is provided
  • Prompt delivery
Acid Dyestuffs
Acid Dyestuffs

Key Features:

  • High solubility in water
  • Accurate composition
  • Long shelf life
  • Optimum purity