Acid Dyes

Acid dyes we offer are utilized to dye natural protein, polyamide (nylon) and synthetic fibers.  These are typically applied to a textile usually at a low pH. Many natural fibers can be dyed by these dyes.

Metal Dyes

Metal dyes we offer are utilized for dyeing polyamides, wool, and silk. Offered dyes are mainly suited for wool dying for providing extreme color fastness to wet treatments. These dyes can bestow color to paper, leather, textiles, and other materials.

Direct Dyes

Direct dyes are simple to apply, offer resilient balancing abilities, and are inexpensive. They can create bright colors and work with a variety of fibers. They might not, however, have as excellent a color fastness as other kinds of dyes.

Salt Dyes

We provide a variety of inexpensive pigments that are compatible with a variety of fabrics, including silk, rayon, cotton, and woolen since we are a supplier of salt dyes. These dyes provide vibrant colors that are suitable for printing in addition to dyeing.

Solvent Dyes

Solvent dyes supplied by us are used to color organic solvents, lubricants, plastics, waxes, and others. Molecules of the dyes are typically nonpolar or a bit of polar. These do not undergo ionization and are insoluble in water.

Paper Dyes

Paper dyes we deal in are used for various purposes. These colorants provide good coloring effect to all types of paper. These colors are widely used for paper production. These dyes make long-lasting effects.

Non Benzidine Direct Dyes

Non Benzidine Direct Dyes we offer are used to dye several types of fabrics such as cotton, silk, and viscose. These non-toxic colors are offered with skin friendliness as well as safe usage. Supplied colors are easy to apply and are anionic in nature.

Wood Stain Dyes

The Wood Stain Dyes have smaller particles and can penetrate the wood more deeply. These dyes can be easily penetrated onto wood and highlight the natural tone of wood. These are applied on the surface of the wood.

Textile Colors

Textile Colors we offer are range of permanent, brilliant, and water-based colors which can be applied to make a velvet-like and soft texture. The offered colors are opaque, metallic, transparent, and fluorescent, making an optimum glitter finish.

Leather Dyes

Leather dyes are the optimum mixture of substances as well as dyes, used for coloring of leather. Their application is very simple, and these enable simple absorption of different mixtures.

Textile Dyes
Textile dyes we deal in are offered in different colors and are suited for dyeing silk, wool, and nylon. These have powerful affinity for cellulose fibers as well as affinity for the material being colored.
Vat dyes

We offer Vat dyes, which can be used on Linen, Rayon, Cotton, and Cellulose acetate. These may include some anthraquinone derivatives and leave permanent color. Supplied dyes have long shelf life.

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