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Metal Dyes

Avail the range of high grade Metal Dyes with medium-to-good migration and leveling properties. These dyes show good build-up on all metals and modify them by giving extremist shine and smooth finish. Avoiding every bad chemical effect, these products are well known for their durability and firm color-shades. These concentrated and blended products have translucent and vibrant colors, which are captivating and reflect smooth effects. The eye-popping color-shades of the product range have sharp effects and can be thinned, tinted and combined with the white dyes. Used in the variety of applications, these Metal dyes are strongly acidic and can form strong co-ordination complexes with change of state metal ions like Chromium, Cobalt, Nickel, Copper etc.

Key Features
  • Work on every complex and rigid surface.
  • Can be darkened.
  • Show great level dyeing and penetration characteristics.
  • Cover up the abnormalities in the substrates.
Acid  Complex Dyestuffs
Acid Complex Dyestuffs
Some of the Acid Complex Dyestuffs are as follows:
  • Acid Yellow 99
  • Acid Yellow 194
  • Acid Orange 74
  • Acid Red 357
  • Acid Brown 214